How Does It Work?


Solar Photovoltaic or Solar PV is a way of harvesting the suns energy and converting this energy into electricity for your home. A Solar PV Array is made up of a number of PV Panels connected together to collect the suns energy. This energy is collected as DC current, the DC current is then fed from the modules to an Inverter. The inverter which is usually located in the loft space then converts the DC current into AC current which you can use to power your appliances. 





What Are The Benefits?


Solar PV has many benefits both to the customer and to the environment. 


The financial benefits to the customer are the reduction in your Energy Bills and the TAX FREE money you can earn from your PV System and in turn with these benefits you will be reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.


Why Choose Absolute?

Absolute are an industry leader in helping you be more Energy Efficient, we are up to date with all of the latest technologies and services.


We are members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) who monitor our policies and procedures and the way we deal with our customers ensuring that your experience with Absolute is of the highest quality. To find out more about RECC and what they do please visit Our RECC Membership number is - 00033609. Please feel free to visit the RECC website and search for Absolute Solar LTD.


We are also members of the Micro Certification Scheme (MCS). MCS is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme. MCS check that our installation procedures are of the highest quality. Please visit for more information regarding MCS. Absolute Solar’s MCS accreditation number is - NIC 1124


All of our installers have been through extensive PV training with BPEC and with system manufacturers ensuring they are the best people to install your PV System.


All of our Electricians are City and Guilds qualified and Absolute Solar are an NICEIC Approved Domestic Installer.


All of our staff are NVQ trained in Customer service to make sure your customer experience is of the highest quality.


We are Trading Standards Approved and are Members of the Solar Trade Association.


All deposits are insured with the Consumer Protection Agency.


We offer a 10 year Insurance Backed Workmanship Warranty with the Consumer Protection Agency and are a CPA Approved Craftsman.

The Feed In Tariff


The biggest financial benefit to the customer is the Government Feed In Tariff which is a GUARANTEED, TAX FREE Income for 20 Years from the day your system is installed.


One popular belief about the Feed In Tariff is that you only get paid for the electricity that you do not use, Well this is simply not true. The Feed In Tariff is paid to you for every single Kilowatt Hour (KWH) that your system produces regardless of whether you use that KWH or not. 


The price per KWH that you get is set in stone for 20 years from the date your system is installed which means that the price per KWH will never go down however the Feed In Tariff rate is index linked so it can go up with inflation.


The current Feed In Tariff Rate is 13.39 pence per KWH produced, this may not seem like huge sum of money but if you think a 4 Kilowatt Peak PV System in the Midlands has an average annual yield of 3716 KWH per year this would generate a Tax Free Income of £497.57 every year for the next 20 years.


The Export Tariff


The Export Tariff is another Government Backed, 20 Year, Tax Free incentive to have Solar PV.


The Export Tariff is paid to you for exporting your excess electricity back to the grid.


At the moment there is no accurate way of determining how much energy you are exporting back to the grid so the Export Tariff assumes that half of the KWH's produced from your system will get exported back to the grid.


If you export less than 50% of the electricity produced you still get paid for the full 50% so it is in your best interest to use as much of the energy produced so that you get the benefit of not paying for that KWH through your electricity supplier and getting paid for generating it through the Feed In Tariff and then getting paid again through the Export Tariff.


The current price per KWH for the Export Tariff is currently 4.85 pence per KWH exported, so a 4 Kilowatt Peak System in the Midlands would be expected to export 1858 KWH per year leading to another Tax Free Income of £90.11 per year.


All this means that a 4 Kilowatt Peak System in the Midlands would expect to earn you £497.57 per year from the Feed in Tariff and a further £90.11 totaling £587.68 per year for the next 20 years and all of this is Tax Free (Not Many ISA's offer that!)


The Savings


Electricity bills have never been so high so now is the time to start generating your own power.


The latest figures from show that since 1996 in England and Wales an average Direct Debit Electricity bill of 3800 KWH has risen from £328 by 42% to £568 and is expected to rise by another 2-3% in 2015. This now means that the average Pence Per KWH is now 15p.


Savings on your bill from a PV system can vary depending on how much of the energy your system produces you use. 


However the average usage is the remaining 50% that you do not export using the Export Tariff, so a 4 Kilowatt Peak System in the midlands would save you 1858 KWH per year, in monetary terms this could save you £278.70 which means your bill could be less than it was in 1996.


So in total a 4 Kilowatt Peak System in the midlands could earn you £587.68 per year Tax Free and guaranteed for 20 Years and save you a further £278.70 which means a total benefit of £866.38 per year.


And remember just because the Feed In Tariff and Export Tariff end after 20 years your PV system will still produce and reduce your electricity bill.


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