Financial Benefits Of Solar PV


Not only will PV save the environment and increase the value of your property there is actually a TAX FREE income to be earned from Solar PV.


Every install carried out by a MCS accredited installer such as Absolute comes with an MCS certificate.


This certificate is like your license to print TAX FREE money.


With your MCS certificate you can now apply for the 20 Year Guaranteed Feed In Tariff, this is the money that is paid to you for each kWh of electricity your system produces regardless of whether you use that energy or not.


A 4 kWp Solar PV system in the midlands can generate up to 3716 kWh of energy each year, for each of these kWh produced you would be paid the current rate for the Feed In Tariff, the current Feed In Tariff rate is 13.39 pence per kWh generated meaning an average income of up to £497.57 and possibly more of we have a good summer. This money is completely Tax Free and the price per kWh produced is guaranteed for 20 Years after your system is commissioned and is index linked so can go up with inflation but can never go down.


As well as the Feed In Tariff with your MCS certificate you also qualify for the export Tariff, as with the Feed in Tariff this a Guaranteed TAX FREE income for the next 20 years, the supplier cannot as yet monitor the exact amount of energy that you export so they assume you will export 50% and pay you the current rate of 4.85 pence per kWh you export.


A 4 kWp system in the midlands can expect to export up to 1858 kWh per year giving you another tax free income of £90.11.


This gives you an income of the 2 tariffs combined of on average £587.68 TAX FREE for 20 years.


As well as the income from your system you will also be saving on your energy bills if you were to have paid for the 1858 kWh per year at the midlands average of 15 pence per kWh you would have paid an extra £278.70 per year without a PV system.


All this could lead to a savings and income total of £866.38 staying in your back pocket.


Financial Benefits Of Cavity Wall And Loft Insulation


The latest figures from show that the average UK Heating bill has risen by up to 40% since 1996.


Cavity wall insulation can save you up to 35% on your heating bills so that money will stay in your pocket.


Loft Insulation can save you up to 25% on your heating bills so that money will stay in your pocket.


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